Trail Monster

Explore the island of Vir

The island of Vir is a small place in Zadar County filled with too late content. From beautiful beaches and bays that leave you breathless to the famous red rocks and a lookout point from which you have a view of the entire island of Vir and surrounding places. All this makes it a great choice for many.

That is why the Dalmatia Quad team has decided to create an Adventure trail for all of you adventurers and explore to enable you to explore all these beautiful beauties of the Island of Vir with a ride full of adrenaline on our quads.

Trail Monster

Monster trail is extremely attractive, but technically difficult and demanding trail that offers a special visual experience. It requires high physical fitness, skill and dexterity. Only for the brave and courageous. People who are driving quads for the first time are not allowed to ride on this track.

Max. People


Trail Monster



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